Graduate Faculty Members

Graduate Faculty are faculty members in any department who meet the graduate faculty criteria, complete the application materials, and submit them to their respective departments. Their names are then brought up for a department or college faculty vote and if successful, the application packet is forwarded to the Chair and Dean for input and approval. The packet is then submitted electronically via email to:
for review and a final decision by the Graduate Council. The final decision is then forwarded to the applicant’s Chair and Dean and the new Graduate Faculty member’s name is added to the list below.

Apply for Graduate Faculty Status

Graduate Faculty

College of Business and Communication

Accounting and Finance

-Derrick Esplin, Ph.D.

-Matt Harris, Ph.D.

-F. Ross Johnston, Ph.D.

-James Richards, Ph.D.

-Helen Saar, Ph.D.

-Nate L. Staheli, Ph.D.

Communication Studies

-W. Jared Dupree, Ph.D

College of EDUCATION


-Pamela Cantrell, Ph.D.

-Mark Jeffreys, Ph.D.

College of Health Sciences

Health & Human Performance

-Travis Ficklin, Ph.D.

College of Humanities and social sciences


-Stephen Armstrong, Ph.D.

-Florence Bacabac, Ph.D.

-Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.

-Jim Haendiges, Ph.D.

-Cindy King, Ph.D.

-Joy McMurrin, Ph.D.

-Mike Peterson, Ph.D.

-Ace Pilkington, Ph.D.

-Olga Pilkington, Ph.D.

-Shauna Wight, Ph.D.

-Theda Wrede, Ph.D.


-Clint Buhler, Ph.D.

Social Sciences

-Lish Harris, Ph.D.

-John Jones, Ph.D.

-Kristine Olson, Ph.D.

College of Science and Technology

Biological Sciences

-Geoffrey Smith, Ph.D.

Physical Sciences

-Gabriela Chilom, Ph.D.