Graduate Council

The DSU Graduate Council is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • The Graduate Council establishes policies and procedures for graduate programs, including the drafting or amending of sections of DSU Policies and DSU catalog relevant to all graduate programs. Such policies are subject to review by the Faculty Senate as specified in the DSU Policy Manual.
  • The Graduate Council shall conduct formal approval of all new graduate program proposals and formal approval of all substantive and non-substantive graduate program change proposals, including changes in program delivery format deemed substantive.
  • The Graduate Council sets/revises general graduate admissions standards and policies common to all graduate programs.
  • The Graduate Council shall work collaboratively with the Director of Graduate Studies and Marketing & Communications to develop and execute cooperative strategies for recruitment, promotion and marketing of graduate education at Dixie State University.

Graduate Council Members

Department Name Office Phone Email
College of the Arts Kathryn Syssoyeva  Eccles 113  879-4791 Theater Dept
College of Business and Communication Jared Dupree JEN 108 879-7874
College of Education Chizu Matsubara WEDU 133B 652-7839
College of Health Sciences Travis Ficklin HAZY 325 879-4339
College of Humanities and Social Sciences  Lish Harris  UPLAZA 103  879-4423
College of Science and Technology  Gabriela Chilom  Snow 220  652-7766

Ex Officio (non-voting) Members

Darlene Dilley, Assistant VP of Enrollment

Cari Heizer, Associate Registrar

Andrea Brown, Director of Institutional Research

Graduate Council Approval Procedures for Graduate Programs and Courses

  1. Proposals for new graduate programs, graduate courses, or substantive changes to graduate programs must be submitted on or before a Monday at least two weeks prior to a regularly scheduled Graduate Council meeting.
  2. The Graduate Council Chair then immediately distributes the proposal to members.
  3. From Monday-Friday of week 1, members review the proposal, make comments on the proposal using “track changes” and submit their individual copies of the proposal to the Chair, who compiles the comments into a Graduate Council master document and sends it out to everyone including the submitter by Friday of week 1.
  4. The submitter reviews and addresses our comments in a Response Table by Wednesday of week 2. An example of a Response Table is found here.
  5. Graduate Council members take the rest of week 2 to individually review the table and report back to the Chair any questions or concerns. If necessary, the Chair will be in contact with the submitter over the weekend to resolve any last-minute issues.
  6. The following week during a regularly scheduled Graduate Council meeting, the submitter is invited to talk about the proposal and address any questions the members might have. The meeting culminates in a vote on whether or not to approve the proposal and move it forward.