Dixie State University


The DSU Graduate Council is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • The Graduate Council is responsible for the establishment of policy and standards for graduate education and for approval, review, and monitoring of graduate programs at DSU.
  • The Graduate Council shall collaborate with University administration, colleges, and academic departments to ensure consistency and excellence in all graduate degree programs.
  • The Graduate Council establishes policies and procedures for graduate education, including the drafting or amending of sections of DSU Policies and DSU catalog relevant to all graduate programs. Such
    policies are subject to review by the Faculty Senate as specified in the DSU Policy Manual.
  • The Graduate Council shall conduct formal approval of all new graduate program and course proposals and formal approval of all graduate program change proposals, including changes in program
    delivery format.
  • The Graduate Council sets/revises general graduate admissions standards and policies common to all graduate programs.
  • The Graduate Council shall work collaboratively with the Director of Graduate Studies and Marketing & Communications to develop and execute cooperative strategies for recruitment, promotion, and marketing of graduate education at Dixie State University.


Graduate Council Members

College Name Office Email
The Arts Elizabeth Stich GRAFF 019 elizabeth.stich@dixie.edu
Business Kristy Grayson (Chair, Member) HAZY 335  kristy.grayson@dixie.edu
Education Mark Jeffreys WEDU 152  jeffreys@dixie.edu
Health Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences
Science, Engineering, and Technology Geoff Smith SCI 104  geoff.smith@dixie.edu


Ex Officio (non-voting) Members

Darlene Dilley, Assistant VP of Enrollment

Misti Pierce, Associate Registrar

Andrea Brown, Director of Institutional Research

Shantelle Owens, Director of Academic Budget

Joy McMurrin, Director of Technical Writing and Digital Rhetoric Master’s Program

Peter Neibert, Director of Athletic Training Master’s Program

Nathan Meng, Director of Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Program

Derrick Esplin, Director for Accountancy Master’s Program


Dr. Pamela Cantrell

Director of Curriculum & Graduate Studies

Email: GraduateStudies@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4260

Office: North Admin 124

April Ficklin

Graduate Council Administrative Assistant

Email: April.Ficklin@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4418

Office: North Admin 125B